Friday, November 20, 2015

Search for love and Dream about marriage? But what love is?

"How To Tell Whether It Is Love Or Mere Attraction
Are you looking for true love for marriage? Are you dating for marriage? If so, then you are at a delicate point in your life. This is a critical point in your love life as it determines whether you will be happy in your marriage or not. Your happiness depends on your ability to differentiate between true love and mere attraction. Now I know you are asking yourself the difference between true love and mere attraction. Read on to find out the difference.
Attraction is about sight. Do you like what you see? If so, then we can say it is attractive to you. If you like the looks of the girl you are dating, chances are, you are simply attracted to her. The question is, should you make your moves based on the looks? We will answer this question shortly. In the Mean time, let's explain love." 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Next 5 Traits Attractive Women Look For In A Man

6. The Mastery of Sex

Women looking for sexual satisfaction get easily glided to the seventh heaven by great lovers. The unfortunate thing is that great lovers are few. If you can master art sex well, you are king.

7. Generosity

Show how much you care about other people's welfare.

8. Attention

Women love men who listen and show that their thoughts are on the women they are dating.

9. Challenge

Some women love to be pursued. Are you up to the challenge?

10. Intelligence

Women love men who show how intelligent they are, but very humbly and interestingly.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ten Things She Is Looking For? - Part 1.

Ten Things She Is Looking For

Good looks and deep pockets have been thought to be among the leading on the women's wish lists for the desirable character traits of the men who reach out for them. It will surprise you to know what women are looking for in men. So, here below is a list of the ten top most lookouts for women in the men dating them.

1. Sense Of Fun.

Are you a guy full of fun? Are you adventurous, always seeking to attempt unusual or dangerous stuff? If so, it will surprise you that women will fall for you at the expense of the cool, calm and not so outspoken and humorous guys. Actually, you have an edge over them all, however moneyed and handsome they be!

2. Sense of Humor

Can you tickle her ribs with some cracking jokes? Women looking for excitement will definitely be drawn to you. As much as humor acts as beautiful women's aphrodisiac, do not be over do it, lest it backfires against you.

3. A Touch of Class

When dating a beautiful woman, some simple acts that exemplify a touch of class work like magic. Can you open the door for her? Or, do you you have some ideas about movies or fashion? These send a message of class to her.

4. Dominance

Women looking for confident men easily fall for the dominant men who know exactly what they want. However, don't use it intimidate.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Russian brides and Ukrainian girls on the beach.

Find your true love with Slavic woman.

What do you think about this video?

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The reasons why Women Search For Older Men.

Why Women Search For Older Men.
The world of dating has taken an interesting turn, thanks to online dating. The game of dating is as old as humanity and is party to all and sundry, be they old or young. Dating trends have changed over the years, with most women opting for older men for various reasons...

Monday, November 9, 2015

How many people use dating sites?

 How many people use dating sites?  In the US, 49,250,000 out of 54,250,000 single people have tried online dating. !Fun fact!: 71% believe in love at first site.
How many online couples have resulted in marriage? "There was some research conducted by Proceedings of The National Academy Of Sciences that came to the conclusion that one-third of US marriages started with two people who met through online dating. (...) The research was done by surveying 19,131 people who got married between 2005-2012."(1)

Your first date.

Hello everyone lets talk about first date in your life. When and where its happened?
 What is ideal date for you?
I m sure for man and women i"ideal date" will look different.))

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Why Married Men Live Longer Than Single, divorced/separated or Widowed

If you are married or you are planning to marry. Congratulations. It is a vital decision that will contribute to your longevity. This is because it has been discovered that married men live longer than single, divorced/ separated or widowed men. This is one reason why marriage should be treasured. The question is, how does marriage contribute to longevity? This is the question this article seeks to answer. Read on to find out how.

Marriage Nourishes, Replenishes and Re-freshens

Married men enjoy more healthy diets than single or unmarried men. Most of their meals are freshly made by their wives. Unlike single men, married men engage less in risky behavior such as alcoholism and smoking. But you are single and you are , good news for you. Your life is about to turn around, especially if you are dating an educated woman. It has been found that men who are married to educated women live even longer than those married to uneducated women.

Research has also shown that married men have better healthcare as compared to single men. Therefore, they have higher capacities to survive such scourges as cancer, among others. Moreover, married men suffer less from depression, a factor that contributes to a more fulfilling retirement. However, their lives deteriorate faster once they lose their wives. For less sociable single men, things could never be worse. They suffer the most from heart problems.

Stressful Marriage

On the contrary, stressful marriage causes depression and heart diseases. Therefore, If you are single and dating, take care whom you are .

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Why Ukrainian and Russian women search for husband abroad?

An international man is a dream come true to Ukrainian ladies. He will be well received wherever he goes because his reputation precedes real man. It is well known that men from outside eastern Europe, have been brought up well to respect and care for women. This is in contrast to Russian men, many of whom drink excessively and behave passively when it comes to engaging in a meaningful relationship. If you are from abroad, you will have no trouble find Russian bride.
Ukrainian ladies and other women of eastern European descent know that a man from abroad will be modern and well educated compared to the Russian man. Foreign men are known to be progressive thinking; they have respect for the family as well as women and children. Russian men do not generally treat their women as a valuable part of the relationship, and when divorcing, a woman can find herself facing financial hardship if she is an eastern European woman. The international man, compared to local guys in CIS, is said to be more interesting and hard working - willing to help with domestic chores such as dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and childcare. is a good way to get to know each other and discover things in common.
An ideal situation for a man from abroad is to find Russian bride because she offers the best values of family and relationships. Child care is important to women there, as is keeping the house clean and making sure that any relationship makes both people happy. A husband from overseas will be much more appealing to Ukrainian ladies because unlike the men available to them locally, the foreigners will often have interests other than drinking beer and watching his wife do all of the work. An international man may be truly interested in helping and supporting his wife should he find Russian bride. He may enjoy theater, entertaining, books, and other things which are more intellectual.
The eastern European ladies is very family-oriented as well as loyal, a good listener, and enjoys making special favorite dishes in the kitchen, and takes pride in paying close attention to caring for the children. Russian guys(not all but most) may take local women for granted, but a man from overseas will have similar values to slavic women. Local men feel they are above doing housework or helping out, looking down their noses at these skills and the nurturing care a woman can provide. It is known that a foreigners appreciates these traits and encourages them.
There are more women in Eastern Europe areas than men. Large city demographics show that one in 10 women over the age of 35 won't be able to find a marriage partner, simply due to population ages and genders. Online dating can truly change your life. With online dating service you do not need to feel stuck picking from bad choices of local local or you'd like to find someone who is a closer match to your own values, who will appreciate how hard you work, for her. If you have been frustrated looking for love, take heart because we know that many foreign men are much more pleasant partners in life.
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