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Merry Christmas 2015!

Monday, December 21, 2015

How to meet Russian and Ukrainian brides?

There are very many men out there, especially in the West, who wish to find Russian or Ukrainian women. However, most of them don't how to go about it or where to meet them. Of course it is well known that these women are very outstanding in many feminine aspects that are appealing to men. Not only are they gorgeous, they are also adventurous and very pleasurable. This not with standing, they are just as complicated as all other women from elsewhere. If you wish, not only to positively encounter Ukrainian or Russian women, but to also tap and harness the best part in them, these easy tips will be helpful to you.

Cooking Traditions in Ukraine: What People Eat There?

All people in the world love their traditions, and Ukrainians are not different. They too treasure their culture and traditions.
 They love their traditional Ukrainian food such as
Deruny (potato pancakes),



Holubtsi (stuffed cabbage), 

Holodec' (meat brawn)

 and chicken Kyiv (koptleta po-kyivsky).

 Other Ukrainian delicacies include the traditional Kulish and Pechenya, as well as Tertuhy. As varied as the foods are, they are very rich in both taste and nutrients. What is most intriguing about Ukrainians is that they prefer to cook and eat their own meals than eat out. In fact, it is only on special ocassions that some Ukrainians venture out to sample meals away from home. They have good reasons for this, though.

First, good food is quite costly. Ukrainians are not people for cheap, fast foods. Spare them that. In fact fast foods are not popular at all in Ukraine. So, they would rather cook than spend much on good food that they could easily prepare at home or spend little on cheap fast foods. They also prefer to cook because they are never sure about the products and ingredients used to prepare food in public places such as restaurants.

Cooking food at home is just but a tradition in Ukraine. They believe in sharing meals together as friends and family. Nothing unites like sharing a favorite meal prepared using the traditional recipes! It is a time to bond and catch up with each other. Eating out obviously denies people the chance to bond as a family.

It goes without saying that most are very good cooks, thanks to the cooking tradition. In fact, most have gone further to learn about other cuisines from various countries like Japan, Thai and Mexico. This is a big plus because such internal cuisines are very rare and to enjoy them in restaurants costs quite a deep pocket. Therefore, purchasing ingredients and preparing them at home sounds great.

One more reason why Ukrainians believe in preparing their own meals is that they produce most of their ingredients. Most homes have kitchen gardens in which veggies, fruits and berries. Actually, most Ukrainian food is prepared from local ingredients and products obtained through gardening. Only less than five percent of Ukrainians don't practice gardening. The majority, who practice gardening, preserve and store some of the produce for use in winter. For them, vegetables and fruits are always available for preparation of Ukrainian food.          

Thursday, December 3, 2015

What gift do you want for Christmas?

Any ideas what gift would you like to get for Christmas?