Friday, February 26, 2016

How to Differentiate Between Ukrainian and Russian Girls

It is important to understand the difference between Ukrainian and Russian girls. One of the quickest ways to annoy either a Russian or Ukrainian woman is to fail to decipher the difference between them. However, it may not be easy to to make out the difference, given that until 1991, Russia and Ukraine were one nation, The United Soviet Socialist Republic - USSR. After the disintegration of the USSR, Ukraine separated to become an independent country. Before then, all people, including those in Ukraine, were considered to be Russian. This ended in 1991, and the Ukrainian pride took center stage, with Ukrainian women seeking to be identified as such.

For the remainder of the USSR, the current Russia, pride of a nation reborn cries out for identity as well, with Russian women seeking to be recognized as such, without being confused with their Ukrainian counter parts. So, the onus is upon you to differentiate between them so as not to attract their fury. Before independence, Russian was the language of instruction in schools and other learning institutions in Kiev. It was also used in newspapers and in general daily conversation. However, things have changed, with Ukrainian taking over as the language of instruction in schools in Kiev. It is also the most widely spoken language today in Ukraine. While in Ukraine, you will discover that native women there consider themselves as Ukrainians. The same is replicated across the border in Russia, where native women there consider themselves Russian. However, in Kiev quite a chunk of the population still use Russian in their daily communication.

To be on the safe side, avoid teasing any of the women, whether Russian or Ukrainian, lest they mete out their fury and anger on you. And if you were interested either Russian women or Ukrainian girls, such a thing puts them off. You may may really have a difficult time wooing them, especially Russian brides. So, now that you are aware of this, take precaution to avoid any unnecessary provocation. One of the best ways to win over Russian brides or Ukrainian girls to learn their language. If you are interested in , for example, you will win their confidence much faster. Likewise to Ukrainian girls. Either of them would love to know that you are interested in their language, and that you are interested in learning it, either in school, on your own or through an online foreign language study program. Just showing interest of the language alone creates interest, giving you the first building stone on which to stand and win them over.

Russian women especially would love to hear your throw in a few common Russian clauses here and there as you converse with them. Of course you can't just use them everywhere carelessly! That will appear corny! But definitely she will be impressed to hear you use some common phrases in your conversation with her. So, before you beat your chest and muster your courage to approach her, learn a few common Russian phrases to boost you up.