Friday, May 13, 2016

Reasons Why Women Prefer Dating Direct Men

Ever wondered why a woman chooses your competitor at your expense? The answer could surprise: You could be the passive type of men who like a woman and feel that she likes you too, but take no straight forward action. Women love men who hit the bull's eye, men who don't beat around the bush during dating. This because when you start dating her, you create expectation in her. Every time you are out out with her, she is always looking for the right signals of real manhood, which encompass confidence and boldness.
 Know What You Want 
 Confidence and boldness communicates a very vital signal to every woman: you know exactly what you want. It gives every woman pride to know that you have been looking for a specific woman, and that she is the woman. Confidence is the art of making a woman know that she is the one when it matters most. It is being able to stand out with her for the rest of the world to see and know that she is your choice. That is what wins over any woman without a contest, no matter who else is interested in her. 
 No woman loves the guessing game during . Neither does any one of them love being taken on a ride. They love it most when there is clarity about your feelings towards them. They don't like staying in the dark. So, be open with your feelings. Let her know what you feel towards her. Provide the much needed direction. Provide the much needed leadership in the relationship. Show that you are in charge. Make your intentions clear. Have a solid plan to make dating fun for her, lest she gets exhausted and quits on you. Show that you are indeed the right man for her.