Monday, February 6, 2017

Top 10 Cheap Dates Ideas

is an adventure, and most men are adventurous. If you don't want just to hang out with single women, you had better get creative and come up with cheap, simple dating ideas. Of course you have to rise above fear and nervousness. Cheap dates can win you favor with single women. Here are some cheap dating ideas you can borrow for your next date.

1. Visit wineries for wine tasting. Most wineries don't charge for wine tasting. Even when they do, they charge very little. Sample the wines and find out what best goes with them. This is also an opportunity to know her favorite flavors. However, at the end of the wine tasting expedition, ensure you are sober enough to drive her home.

2. Go for a photography expedition. With this, you can kill two birds with one stone. Besides dating, you will also be able to take good shots of your home town for photo calendars that can be presented as birthday gifts. Just be careful that she enjoys the expedition. Choose your photography scenes carefully.

3. Take her on a historical walk of your town. This is an opportunity to appreciate some the outstanding points in town, and the stories behind some buildings is sure to entertain your girl.

4. Visit the zoo together. There is a lot to see and talk about together. There is also opportunity for you to get closer together and get deeper into knowing each other better.

5. Take your date on a fish and chips picnic, either on a water front or a park. After washing it all down with a bottle of wine, take a stroll together as you chit-chat about this or that, of course getting to know each other better.

6. Visit an antique store. This a great idea with which you can score more than you bargained for. You may as well find the kind of furniture you have always wanted, but was slippery to find.

7. Sample local art in art galleries. Here, especially during the open days when new art is unveiled to the public, you can easily score free wines and of course mingle with a variety of artsy people.

8. Go biking. Does she love biking? If she does, why not go biking together? She will definitely enjoy your company.

9. How about going rock climbing? Try it out as a team or compete with each other to the top. Just ensure that she loves adventure before trying out. Ensure she is also fit for it, lest you end up carrying her home.

10. The beach. You don't need convincing that this is a great date. Imagine the sun on the sand and the water. It is a perfect recipe for a beach date. love this.