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Sunday, May 20, 2018

How to Read Women's Body Language?

There is no way you can flirt effectively with a woman if you can't read her body language. When it comes to flirting, women communicate best with their bodies than with words. Thus, they send signals of interest or disinterest through their gestures, among other body expressions. Hence the importance learning what they mean by the signals they send. Actually, women's body language involves more than fifty gestures. Here below, explore a few of the most vital gestures.

First Impressions
The most anxious moment for every man is during the first encounter. This is when you either get her or miss her. In all spheres of life, first impressions matter. One of the first things to look for is her gaze. Note that when she wants you to go over and say hi, not does she gaze at you; she persists until you catch her eyeing you. The most sure sign that she is interested is a gaze accompanied with sweet, inviting smile. At this point, the ball is in your court!

Facial Expressions
When a woman is interested in you, her face tends to be quite animated. The parts of her face to observe include eyes, eyebrows and lips. Raised eyebrows either mean she likes what she is seeing or, when accompanied with a nod and a smile, she agrees with your sentiments. When she fidgets with her lips, either chewing or them, she is either drawing your attention to her lips or is aroused. When women are aroused, their lips dry up. Just like men, women's eyelids dilate when they are interested in you. Observe her eyelids as well. When she is interested in you, she blinks faster than is the norm. One more thing: when you notice that her nostrils are flared, know that she is definitely on fire for you. This, just like dilate eyelids, happens as a reflex action.

Her Position
Be sensitive to her positioning. If she leans forward towards you, that is positive, but if she takes a laid back position on her chair, she may be bored, and that is not a good sign. Maybe it is time to reinvigorate the conversation or digress. Otherwise, when, in her forward leaning position, touches your hand and withdraws to touch her chest immediately, take it positively: She is interested.
During dating, watch out for physical contact. If for some reason or another she excuses herself to touch you, take it as a positive. About eye contact, don't miss that moment when she stares long into your eyes, and don't withdraw your eyes quickly, that is, if you are as interested as she is. When dating a woman who is overly exciting and can't stop giggling and laughing, know that she is all yours for the sweeping for the next level. Be on the look out too for smart gestures during dating, lest you miss those moments when your action is needed most so as not to disappoint her.

Women's body language always gives you a cue about what she expects you to say and the action she expects from you.