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Saturday, May 19, 2018

How To Tell Whether It Is Love Or Mere Attraction
Are you looking for true love for marriage? Are you dating for marriage? If so, then you are at a delicate point in your life. This is a critical point in your love life as it determines whether you will be happy in your marriage or not. Your happiness depends on your ability to differentiate between true love and mere attraction. Now I know you are asking yourself the difference between true love and mere attraction. Read on to find out the difference.

Attraction is about sight. Do you like what you see? If so, then we can say it is attractive to you. If you like the looks of the girl you are dating, chances are, you are simply attracted to her. The question is, should you make your moves based on the looks? We will answer this question shortly. In the Mean time, let's explain love.

Unlike attraction, love goes beyond physical beauty. It seeks to know the inside as well. If you are dating a woman for true love, you will seek to her her inside out. In this case, physical attraction is not very vital. Usually, physical attraction leads to infatuation, thus, superficial attraction to outward qualities. However, love is based on well rounded knowledge of both the weaknesses and strengths of the person you are interested in. In love, you will know obvious weaknesses of a person, but just decide to disregard the weaknesses and love them the way they are.

Why This Knowledge Is Important For You

Now that you know the difference between love and attraction, what will you do with it? Most importantly, it will examine yourself and know whether you are in love or you are simply attracted to her. It will also help you tell whether she is in love with you or she is simply attracted to you. If she some of your obvious weaknesses are not too big a bother for her, she is in love with you, and vise versa. If both of you are not so much bothered by each others glaring weaknesses, you are in love. And this is a good sign that you will be happy in your relationship and marriage.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

How Women Choose Men for Marriage

So you want to find wife. Have you asked yourself how women choose men for marriage? There are probably as many answers to that question as there are women on Earth, but there are some common themes that you can pay attention to. These include common interests, religion or spiritual beliefs, political views, finances, children, and physical attraction. 

Common Interests

Spending every waking and sleeping minute of the day together is neither necessary nor desirable for a happy and successful marriage. However, you will want to spend at least some time together. You may be poles apart on whether your outdoorsy, sporty, and social, or whether you’re more inclined to stay at home binge watching box sets, reading or fixing up the house; at least try to find new things to do that keep you both happy.


When you find bride, it’s possible the only occasions religion comes up are at weddings (including your own!)and funerals. On the other hand, religion may be the thread that holds you together. Whatever the case, your union will have a better chance at lasting if it holds the same importance to both of you.


Again, relative importance is more significant to a happy marriage than whether you lean to the right. However, if one of you is a right wing nut job and the other is a liberal snowflake, you might want to look elsewhere to find wife.


This is one of the main things that couples argue about. Before you head to the church (or other suitable venue), make sure you clear up issues like who does or doesn’t have a career, if you’re willing to relocate for your spouse’s career, how much you want to spend, how much you want to save, etc. Unlike politics or religion, it’s impossible to agree to disagree on family finances. Discuss this thoroughly on a continuing basis.

Equal in importance to finances, if not more so, discuss early in the relationship whether you both want, or don’t want, children. Also, work out the distribution of childbearing labor, and which one of you will or won’t go back to work when they start coming along.

Physical Attraction

Here is another area where happiness depends on compatibility. You don’t need to keep up with the randy couples in the movies, unless you both want to. Just make sure romance occupies a certain, mutually agreeable portion of your relationship.

Good luck in your quest to find bride! Hopefully, this advice will help you find a loving, long lasting marriage.