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In the fast-paced world that we have today, not all of us have the time to find love and that’s one of the main reasons why mail order brides are becoming more and more popular as well. This process primarily started as an e-matrimonial service and becomes an agency that allows you to meet foreign ladies, get to know them, and eventually, marry them. However, many people mistake this as a service where you sign up, choose the girl you want, and wait for it to knock on your door and be your wife. Even though the main idea of mail order wives is about meeting foreign women for marriage, it doesn’t mean you’re literally going buy a bride online.

The main reason for the popularity for mail order bride is due to its effectiveness. This is not simply meant for one night stand. It is actually going to help you make interactions with your potential bride and actually, get to know her before you decide to stay with her.

History of Mail Order Brides

Mail order bride is not something new. It’s believed that American continent’s settlers, whom of which were males, found it difficult to find women to marry. So, they needed to find a wife based in Europe. A lot of years later, throughout the Second World War, Americans began writing letters to foreign ladies for marriage who were strangers looking for friends or possible relationship. This kind of finding marriage has been carried out for more than you probably think and to now, it’s still a way for many people to find the person for them.

During the early 1980s, there has been an increase of Western men looking outside the country to find the person they want to marry. The reason for this is that many western men think that expanding their search online would accelerate the entire process of meeting the right person for them.

In the beginning, Asian women were largely the ones promoting themselves as mail-order brides, with the Philippines and Thailand as two of the main nations involved. The wrong idea of the emblematic mail-order bride deal being a Western man purchasing an Asian woman root from these backgrounds.

Today, however, mail order brides are not only predominantly in Asia today, but there has also been a growth in brides from Russia and Ukraine.

At first, the mail order bride structure was based on a paper catalog that was usually printed one time. This old way is pretty limited to people who are based on other parts of the world other than western countries.

The concept of mail-order bride was introduced on the World Wide Web in the 1990s. And this upgrade made it the process a lot more convenient, faster, and trustworthy. This method was can save more time and more effective compared to the earlier method, and it attracts more people to sign up.

Success Rate of Mail Order Brides

There have been thousands of young women who decided to marry foreign men in recent years. There are many online dating sites involving young, pretty women looking for Western complements.

Based on the data provided by mail different order bride agencies, there is an estimate of 100,000 to 150,000 women from different cultures who sign up on their sites annually. About 4% of these women have found their significant others from the USA who want to find a wife online.

The Philippines has the biggest number of real mail order brides, regardless of the fact that there has been a law implemented in the country in 1986 that prohibits mail order bride program in the country. In previous years, the number keeps growing and growing because of the ever-growing number of agencies that focus on specific countries. Some agencies report that they serve more than 1,000 men on a monthly basis.

According to the polls carried out by several agents, a huge number of these men seeking marriage through these services are mostly Caucasian, educated, and financially stable.

Based on a report, mail-order brides establish 10% of the marriages are between foreigners and women from the Philippines. From the women, about 10% are successful in seeking and ending up married to a man she met on the site. There are about 10,000 marriages annually between its members.

Costs of Mail Order Brides

There’s no doubt that choosing to find a wife abroad is costlier than meeting someone in the flesh. However, you have to remember that once you found the right person, your expenses are going to be worth it.

Here are the main costs of finding your wife on legit mail order bride sites.

Website Fees: The fees you need to pay in order to access the database of members looking for the same things as you.

Travel Expenses: Airplane tickets, accommodations, and travel services to meet the person you are interested in.

Governmental Fees: Depending on the countries you are from, passport and immigration fees can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars

Of course, the entire process of finding a foreign bride who you want to spend the rest of your life with through mail order wife services can be more complicated compared to just meeting someone on a regular dating site or in person. It definitely involves all the kind of impending tricky situations like visas as well as other legalities. But with enough research and knowledge on how to get a mail order bride, these are something you and your future spouse can easily figure out. If you’re thinking about using any of these agencies, then make sure you did enough research to see how reliable they are, especially that the whole process involves real money and of course, your emotion. Again, this is not the easiest way to meet someone you may end up marrying with, but once it worked for you, it is going to be worth it.