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You may or may not have heard a lot of things about Armenia before and this article, we are going to introduce you to one of the country’s most precious gems – beautiful Armenian women.

Surrounded by the countries Iran, Turkey, Georgia, and Azerbaijan, Armenia is blessed with some of the world’s natural beauties. It’s becoming more and more popular among tourists as the days go by. But not only popular among people who want to enjoy its beautiful nature and affordable living, but for single men who want to find an Armenian bride.

But what makes Armenian mail order brides popular? Here are some of the important things you need to know if you also want to find an Armenian wife.

Characteristics of Armenian Brides

Real Armenian mail order brides are popular among single men looking for true love for many reasons. From their inside and out, they have traits one can surely fall in love with.

Physical looks

Well, start from the outside… Armenian women have similar physical trademarks on their physical features. The Kardashians for example, take pride in their Armenian ancestry. So, exploring the country, you are likely to be reminded of some of Kim Kardashian's physical features when you see them. Here are some typical features of Armenian women:

  • Luscious dark hair
  • Brown or blue eyes
  • A slim, slender physique
  • Just simply stunning


Now that you know what your Armenian mail order bride, let’s now move on to the most important thing – their inner characters. A typical Armenian mail order wife can be characterized by the following:

  • Expressive of emotions
  • Loyal to their partner
  • Conservative
  • High tolerance
  • Extremely hardworking

How to Date an Armenian Woman

Even though there is sex equality between the two genders, the country is still dominated by men. This means women in Armenia are still not treated the way women in the West are treated with a high level of dignity.

So, if you are looking to find Armenian women for marriage, you have to understand that these women have a different outlook in terms of their role in society. They are likely to see themselves as someone who is destined to be a good mother and be fueled with femininity.

To successfully win the heart of the best mail order brides from Armenia, here are some important tips you need to follow:

Try to Take it Easy

An Armenian bride will appreciate your patience. So, make sure to avoid rushing into having a relationship with these beautiful women. Instead, you may want to take your time into getting to know her, because she, herself, would rather get to know you as well.

But then when you finally captured her interest, she wouldn’t be interested in anything other than a serious relationship. For her, there’s no room for a casual fling.

Remember that when it comes to dating, patience is a virtue, more so if you are dating someone from another culture. Have an open mind, be conscious, and always keep your positivity.

Always Be Honest

First of all, who doesn’t want an honest partner? However, one of the fastest ways to lose an Armenian girl’s interest is to lie to her. She values nothing more than honesty, so if you want it to work, then work on it!

Of course, we’re not saints and dropping those little white lies seem to be so easy at certain situations. But then again, try not to make it a habit. By lying to her, you are not only breaking her heart, but also your chance of being able to find a wife abroad.

Practice Politeness

In Armenian culture, they give so much importance to politeness. Together with respect and dignity, being polite to her and the people she cares about is one of the most effective tools to win her over.

Talk to her with respect. Open the door for her. Pull the chair back as she sits down. Let her talk and listen to her. Those little things mean so much more to her. You don’t necessarily have to sweep her off her feet, but you have to understand that in their culture, chivalry is not dead. So, if you really want her to fall in love with you, keep that chivalry alive!

Dress to Impress

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on signature clothes just to impress her, but she will highly appreciate it if you take some effort in choosing what to wear, especially on your first date.

Casual would be acceptable, but as much as possible, wear smart casual. You don’t want your dream woman to be walking around the city with some sweaty foreign man in his shorts and a tank top. She likes to dress up and she will surely look stunning on your date, so don’t allow for your too laid-back fashion style to let you down.

Be Punctual

When you agreed to meet at 3:00, be there at 2:30, or at least on time! But then again, you might want to make sure that you will be there before her. Being late will definitely be frown upon. You will not only disappoint her, but you will also waste her precious time. Just being there on time will take you a long way.

When meeting foreign women for marriage, aim to win their heart the moment you meet them the first time. And in order to do that, you have to gain their trust by appreciating their qualities and at the same time, showing them your great qualities – both inside and out. So, when you finally found the Armenian mail order bride of your dreams, don’t let her go. Do your best to win her heart, slowly but surely.