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Are you looking for a life-long partner who can spice up your life and would stay loyal? Trying out Japanese mail order brides may give you just that. Just like most women in Asian countries, beautiful Japanese women embody the essence of being a wife and a mother.

A Japanese mail order bride is a woman from Japan who lists herself in a marriage agency showing her intent to find a foreign man to marry. However, there is this the common misconception that goes with this term. People think that mail order brides are opportunistic gold diggers, uneducated, and only looking for a man who will take them out of poverty. Well, this is not the truth. Their reasons could be as simple as your own – they can’t find someone they are interested in locally, or they just like the idea of marrying someone from a foreign country.

Another misconception many people have about Japanese mail order wife is that she is going to be delivered on your door, ready to walk in the aisle with you to get married. Well, although the concept used to be like that, it’s no longer the case! The term “mail order bride” shouldn’t come as derogatory.

Today, when a website endorses Japanese women for marriage, they probably just a dating site that connects you with single Japanese women looking for men to meet. The real Japanese mail order brides are just a time in the past. These sites are just dating services that offer a safe place for single people to meet and get to know each other.

By now, you’re probably convinced that you are on the right track on being interested to find a Japanese wife, let’s now talk about what you are in for if you successfully find a Japanese bride…

What to Expect when dating a Japanese woman

So, you’re a foreign man looking to date a Japanese woman or you’re possibly dating one already. If you can relate more with the latter, then you’ve probably noticed how dating a Japanese person is so different from dating someone from the west. Just like most women from Asia, the lifestyle of Japanese people is knotted in their cultures and traditions.

They are conservative

One of the most distinctive qualities of Japanese women is that they tend to be very shy. You would not see a woman entertaining a stranger other than telling him where the direction is, much more if that stranger is a foreigner. When on the first date, you will also hardly catch them making eye contact.

You might not meet them in public places

If you go to a bar and expect to meet a beautiful Japanese single, then you have small odds. Fortunately, sites for legit Japanese mail order brides are there to save the day. Alternatively, an effective way to meet a Japanese woman is through a friend’s introduction.

You might have to meet more people before you date her

The dating culture in Japan is very different from the west. One of the proofs to that is that for many, dating with a chaperon is common. If not, before the woman is allowed to go out, the date has to meet the parents first to ask for permission.

They are extremely organized

If you are looking for someone who is spontaneous, then, unfortunately, you might not find it in a Japanese woman. However, this is not a bad thing. They try to make things as organized as possible. Don’t be surprised if you see them with a small calendar or planner in their purse and that your date is subject to her schedule. So, before asking them out, you might need to have a specific date and time when you want to do it.

There might be a language barrier

Today, more and more Japanese people are becoming fluent in English, particularly the newer generation. But despite this fact, many of them are still shy to speak English with foreigners. The reason for this is that they are afraid to commit mistakes and so they just choose not to speak it. However, they would be more confident in writing in English, which makes it easy for foreigners to find a foreign bride from Japan online.

They are tolerant and independent

Throughout the years, Japanese women have become more tolerant and independent. This means that today, they are more open to the idea of dating and possibly marrying a man from another country. They are also adventurous enough to try something new like new foods and activities. Perhaps because of the lack of high devotion to religion, they tend to carefree of their decisions. So, if you are worried about not finding a Japanese wife because you wouldn’t feel like you are accepted, you should stop worrying now.

Of course, every person is unique, and it’s not right to generalize a whole nation based on a couple of individuals. But then again, from an anthropological perspective, there are just some cultures that tend to practice the same rituals because of the culture spread throughout the centuries, and although a woman might have her distinctive characteristics, most of the time, a community is fostered and established to shape a shared outlook that might not always work exactly the same way, but still autonomously.

To sum it up, the women you will find on the sites for the best mail order brides from Japan are intelligent, charming, beautiful, and generally amazing brides. They are loving individuals who are willing to give anything for the sake of their family. If you are lucky enough to find yourself an amazing lady from Japan, cherish it, love her for eternity and you can expect to get the same.