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Located in the far northeast corner of Asia, South Korea is a beautiful country popular among travelers for its natural beauty, delicious foods, interesting culture, and modern structures. But on top of these, many men visiting the country want to try their luck finding Korean mail order brides.

With the features and characters of these beautiful Korean women, it’s not surprising that many men all over the world, particularly western men, are attracted to them. Korean girls are known for their porcelain looking skin, great fashion sense, and their positive, lovely personalities.

The country is also known for its modern infrastructures and the booming economy. And while this is the case, there are still a lot of Korean women who sign up on agencies and dating sites to be a Korean mail order bride.

But because they signed up to be a Korean mail order wife, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to put up some effort to win them over. There are important things you need to keep in mind successfully capture their attention. Here are some important things you need to know when dating and eventually marrying a Korean woman.

How to Win the Heart of a Korean Woman

To be able to have a great relationship with someone, it’s best to know what to expect. And while the points going to be mentioned below may not apply to all Korean women, these may apply to many as they were put up in the same culture.

  • Anniversaries are huge milestones. For Koreans, anniversaries are a big deal. So, be ready to celebrate being together for 50,100, 200 days.
  • Have patience for sex. If you are used to having sex on a first date with other women, you have to know that Korean women are different – they are more conservative. This may not happen right away and once it happens, she will expect that you are taking your relationship seriously.
  • Don’t split the bill. Don’t ever split the bill. In Korean culture, it’s usually the person who invited or has more money who pays.
  • Gifts will be appreciated. Just with any girls from any parts of the world, giving gifts will be highly appreciated.
  • PDA is a no-no. It used to be forbidden in the country, and now even if the people are more open-minded, public displays of affections are still frowned upon. Holdings of hands are okay, but kissing is no.
  • You must also win the heart of her family. Just like any other country in Asia, South Koreans are family-oriented, which means the opinion of their family means a lot. So, you have to make sure that the family of your Korean mail order wife approves of you.
  • They like cute things. Being in a relationship with a Korean woman, you might be forced to wear for a couple shirts or accessories. This is something extremely common in their culture so you must learn to respect this.
  • They want goal-driven, hardworking men. If you want a Korean mail order bride to fall in love with you, then it’s the importance that you are financially stable. Korean women are not going to be interested in someone who is struggling financially.

Now you are aware of important things to know before finding Korean women for marriage, here are some of the reasons why it is worth it to find a Korean wife.

They are intelligent

Their intelligence is one of the first things you will notice when you meet a single Korean woman. They might not be the best English-speaking ladies in Asian, but this doesn’t indicate their intelligence. In Korea, education is a very important thing, so chances are, they have a degree. They are absolutely beautiful and brains.

They are family-oriented

As mentioned earlier, the family is very important to them. By getting to know their culture, you can easily notice how they give importance to their family – in fact, staying with parents until they get married are common. They take care of each other for as long as they could.

They are patient and resilient

When you find a Korean bride, you are also finding an independent and patient individual you can potentially spend your life with. They can face difficulties and would not back down from challenges.

They are loyal

Although they tend to be jealous, real Korean mail order brides are absolutely loyal to their partners. And they will do everything to keep you happy as long as you are willing to do the same, of course. They are faithful and will support you. You can expect that they will not leave you during hard times. You will get love and affection during hard times and is not going to show you any form of deceit.

They will respect you as their husband

This might be another cultural thing, but women in Korea see their husbands as someone who leads the family, so they have so much respect for them. As much as possible, she will not be inclined to argue with him. But then again, they have no problem expressing their feelings.